TCM Threatements


Vulkán TCM-Center 
The planned investments (totalvalued more than HUF 600 million) are based on the extraordinary interest of Chinese tourists in the countries of Europe. There is also a significant need to receive services appropriate to their culture in the selected destination. Products and services (HKO, i.e. accommodation services in an environment based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in an environment based on its principles, related well-being services) are not or are limited in the western region) and are not available. By bringing together several businesses in Celldömölk, services are tightly tailored to Chinese tourists, according to the principles of HKO, in an exceptionally ideal environment. Celldömölk will provide services that are easier to access at a lower price level than competitors, but also offer high quality services.
The Mountain of Vulcan Origin, which is of volcanic origin, is also a magnetic spa with its fantastic almighty shapes, which is extremely well connected to Chinese medicine. The volcano's crater also hosts various events, but tcm is also scheduled to hold Tai Chi workouts for guests. Furthermore, chinese investors can join investments and innovations as described above.
As the foundation of the Centre, chinese massage and TCM therapie has already started in the area of the Volcano Spa and Adventure Bath. Taking into account the foregoing, approximately 10,000 patients are expected to be treated at the TCM Centre in Celldömölk within three years. And celldömölk becomes a well-known and popular destination for Europeans susceptible to both Chinese and Chinese medicine.
Thus, Chinese investors intend to meet the market gap outlined earlier with this project with the full agreement and support of JUFA Ungarn Kft. This investment will also benefit JUFA, since the company has invested more than HUF 3 billion in recent years, and its primary further development will be aimed at the expansion of the hotel.